7 Things to Try when Your Marriage is on the Rocks ...


It can be a very scary feeling when your marriage is on the rocks. But there are times in most marriages when people are afraid for the longevity of their relationship. Thankfully, there are things you can do to get your marriage back on track. This list offers a lot of helpful advice to you. There are things you can do when your marriage is on the rocks to make it rock solid once again.

1. Book a Vacation

I know, I know! There is nothing you want to do less than take a vacation with your spouse when your marriage is on the rocks. But the truth is that getting away together can help you to reconnect. A change in scenery may be just what you need to get back on track. When you get away from the everyday worries, you can both relax and enjoy each other. You feel more like talking and being close again.

Focus on the Positive


Embrace the good times!try remembering why the two of you got married in the first place. Relive the spark.example kinky sex try something new. Been married going on two years and only 21
Knowing a rough spot can\'t last forever...and that we are a family
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