15 Things We Wish Men Knew ...


No predominately-female website would be complete without at least one list of things we wish men knew.

Being “the girl that hangs with the guys”, I've heard some rather interesting conversations.

Between musings about childhood action figures and video-game strategy tips, I've learned that one thing they want the most is to know what we're thinking.2

Apparently understanding quantum physics is less confusing than the thoughts of, to quote Grey's Anatomy, “us with the boobs”.

Well, guys, here's your chance.

I'm going to let you in on some of the things we wish men knew.

I don't presume to speak for all womankind, but this is what I've observed over the years.

1. Shut up and Listen

This is at the top of every “things we wish men knew” list I've ever read.

While we appreciate your desire to solve our problems, that's not always what we need.

Sometimes we just need to talk things out and feel like we've been heard.

When we do, try not to drift off into space or mentally draw things on our faces the way you did when you got lectures from your mom.

Just listen, respond and get through it.

2. Notice Us

We don't expect you to fawn over our new haircut the way our girlfriends would, but noticing small things and complimenting us goes a long way.

I've known couples who still laugh and admire each other after over fifty years together.

Think about it.

3. Pay Attention

If we ask you to do something or otherwise speak to you, respond with something other than a grunt and a nod.2

I understand ignoring nagging, but this sort of thing is part of what makes some women want to nag.

When you consistently ignore what I say or pay more attention to your computer than you do to me, I feel like I don't matter.

Hygiene, Hygiene, Hygiene
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