15 Things We Wish Men Knew ...


No predominately-female website would be complete without at least one list of things we wish men knew.

Being โ€œthe girl that hangs with the guysโ€, I've heard some rather interesting conversations.

Between musings about childhood action figures and video-game strategy tips, I've learned that one thing they want the most is to know what we're thinking.

Apparently understanding quantum physics is less confusing than the thoughts of, to quote Grey's Anatomy, โ€œus with the boobsโ€.

Well, guys, here's your chance.

I'm going to let you in on some of the things we wish men knew.

I don't presume to speak for all womankind, but this is what I've observed over the years.

1. Shut up and Listen

This is at the top of every โ€œthings we wish men knewโ€ list I've ever read.

While we appreciate your desire to solve our problems, that's not always what we need.

Sometimes we just need to talk things out and feel like we've been heard.

When we do, try not to drift off into space or mentally draw things on our faces the way you did when you got lectures from your mom.

Just listen, respond and get through it.

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Maya Sol Hernandez
It read my mind... Amen to all of this!
Number 8 has always been he hardest thing for me to find in a relationship! This post is absolutely incredible!!
these are the things in every woman's dreams. all I ever want is help aroind the house and I don't get it and when I ask for it I get a "ugh I haven't sat down all day!" or "stop nagging" newsflash me either and I'm still cooking you dinner and doing things
This is the bible
@Lynaah , I wouldn't want a man to put me ahead of his kids but I sure as hell would want to be more of a priority than his mom or ex-wife. I think *that's* what she's getting at...that, or more important than his job or something.
@Lynaah ,
Love no. 4!!!
What about if the guy has children ? - you cant be first priority you will always be last 👎
seriously we dont live in an era anymore that is anything remotely close to how things were when we were young.so many now are raised to be materialistic.it used to be when people would concern themselves there was a reality to it now a days you could spend a whole day listening to a grown man cry because he wants what every man in the world has money ah fast cars and oh ya motor cycles.what happened to the days when were happy haveing what we had.those were the days
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