Things We're Embarrassed 😩 about during Sex 🛏🙊 but Are Actually Normal 🙂 ...


Sex is fun. Sex is great. But sometimes, sex isn’t always our definition of sexy. There are a lot of things that can happen that may seem embarrassing, but don’t fret. They happen to all of us and are completely normal.

1. The Clothing Struggle👖

When it comes to stripping it down, some clothing items can be harder to get off than others. Sometimes we wear super tight jeans that take lots of wiggling and maneuvering to get out of. There’s no need to feel awk, though. Your partner wants to see what’s underneath, so embrace the struggle.



Natural Gaurdian
Was good
Joie Mayor
Everyone does weird stuff basically, yeah it's embarrassing when your young and new at it but in the end it's just part of the experience sometimes :)
Joie Mayor
* all the pumping motion can push air up there so what goes up must come down
Joie Mayor
Yeah and it is funny haha just laugh it off. All the pictures
I heard that some people queef during sex XD is it true? I'm a virgin so I wouldn't know but it sounds funny XD
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