7 Things Women Are Insecure about That Men Won't Even Notice ...


There's no need to freak out over your crush potentially noticing little, embarrassing details about yourself, because most of the things women are insecure about men rarely notice.

So stop worrying over whether he's going to turn you down, because of one minor flaw.

He probably thinks that you're way more beautiful than you give yourself credit for.

In order to stop worrying, here are a few common things women are insecure about that men rarely notice:

1. Your Chipped Nails

He probably won't even notice the color of your nails, let alone whether or not they're chipped.

He'll be paying attention to more important things, like the body attached to those nails.

Having a botched manicure or pedicure is one of the things women are insecure about, but most men won't even bat an eye at chipped nails.

As long as those fingers are intertwined with his, who cares how messy they look?

Your Roots


They got this one all wrong ladies.. Please do not be misinformed. Manicure your nails, keep up On your hair color
And I don't mean I went for a "wealthy" man. My husband isn't rich lol he's clean and knows how to dress, he asks me to pluck his eyebrows when it becomes to hairy in the center. He takes care of himself, and that's an attractive trait when it comes to any gender, individual, however you want to put it.
Ok, first off, there are guys who care about some of these things. But wouldn't you care about some of these things for a man as well? For example, the way they dress. I don't want my guy looking like he is a hobo. His eyebrows can't look like a caterpillar, his hair will have to look clean, not like he hasn't showered for months. I'm sorry but I feel most women are hypocrites if they say they don't care about what their man looks like. Yes, personality is number one on my list but I have to be attracted to the guy. Stretch marks, on the other hand, are a negative, but there are guys who don't care for them.
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