7 Things Women Can Learn from Men ...


Women sometimes think we know everything better than men, but what about the things women can learn from men?

It’s obvious that men are different.

Even though we don’t always understand their behavior, thoughts or philosophy, they make sense just as often as ours.

In relationships, we sometimes try to teach our guys things that may not come naturally to them, like cleaning up after themselves, but let’s switch roles for once.

These are some things women can learn from men.

1. Speak It out

Looking at friendships, I think we can all agree that there are a million things women can learn from men.

While women often keep their frustrations about their besties to themselves, men tend to speak it out immediately.

The result?

Women become even more frustrated, while men talk about it and move on.

Don’t feel rude about speaking out your frustrations.

It liberates you and a true friend will appreciate your honesty.

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