7. Kissing is Illegal Some Places

Kissing is Illegal Some Places

Back in the 16th century, public kissing in Naples was punished by death!2

Still yet, in some places in our own United States, it's technically illegal to kiss in some instances.

Kissing strangers is forbidden in Ceder Rapids, Iowa, and in Hartford Connecticut, woman can't kiss their husbands on a Sunday!2

Mustached men in Indiana may find it hard to "play the field" as it is illegal for men sporting mustaches to "habitually kiss human beings." I wonder what happened that made those laws go into effect?

The Science of Kissing


make me remember my first kiss was in my living room..shock..but taste good..and addicted
:) Maybe someday! Thanks for stopping by!
Virgin lip status right here 18 and never been kissed. Not dessperate, socialy awkward, or rude, i just dont care to kiss anyone. These tips kind of make me feel like im missing out though. Oh well :)
Thats a bad reason to dump someone i would tell them they r bad at it and he will try his best to get better:)
I think that u just gotta find a guy one that u acttually like dont find a hobo or a creep
Im 13 too and i reallyy wanna kiss someoone does kissing come natrulยฟ
It will be worth the wait! :)
I dont know if you read it correctly, theh both had gum diseases leaving opening for bacteria and even blood to go in, thats how the women got hiv.
Im waiting for my first kiss and i am proud of it!..btw imonly 14
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