7. Kissing is Illegal Some Places

Kissing is Illegal Some Places

Back in the 16th century, public kissing in Naples was punished by death! Still yet, in some places in our own United States, it's technically illegal to kiss in some instances. Kissing strangers is forbidden in Ceder Rapids, Iowa, and in Hartford Connecticut, woman can't kiss their husbands on a Sunday! Mustached men in Indiana may find it hard to "play the field" as it is illegal for men sporting mustaches to "habitually kiss human beings." I wonder what happened that made those laws go into effect?

The Science of Kissing


what;'s with the teeny boppers and wanting to get kissed. No wonder when they hit 18, they get pregnant. DON'T BE DESPERATE!!!!
Hi Sabrina!! What have you tried? Have you flirted a bit, showed up where he is, try to talk to him? Let me know what you've tried and I'll see what I can do to help. :)
then dump them if they cant
this is what i would do next time he looks you in the eyes look him in the eyes to
hey i really like this guy but nothing has worked can you plzzzzzzz help me out
hey i really like this guy and nothing has worked help me plz
HEY I REALLY NEED SOME HELP! ok so i like this guy in my p.e. class who ive known since the beginnning of the year and i liked him for a lil bit, but then he asked out some girls and i stopped but now...
so what if you haven t kiss someone yet?not big deal.you re 13!i haven t kiss someone yet and i'm 17!!!yeah seems crazy, i know...i'm not fat,ill,a puritan or shy .i just didn t find the right guy.it ...
Um. You're 13. I didn't have my first kiss till I was 14, and I felt the exact same way you did. Don't worry! The right guy will come, just don't give your first kiss to just anyone! Make it special!
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