7 Things You Don't ⛔️ Need to Have in Common πŸ” Just to Date Each Other πŸ’‘ ...


Your boyfriend isn't supposed to be the spitting image of you. How creepy would that be? That's why you shouldn't be concerned if you two don't seem to have a lot in common. As long as you can still find topics to talk about and fun dates to go on, then there's nothing to worry about. Here are a few things that you don't need to have in common with a guy in order to have a successful relationship with him:

1. Your Taste in TV Shows

Your Taste in TV Shows

Every couple wants to lounge around on the couch watching Netflix. However, if you can never settle on a show that you'll both enjoy, it'll push you to go out and have some fun. You'll never waste your days inside the house, because you'd rather go mini-golfing or bike riding.

Your Friends


I don't think race matters in a relationship, but religious beliefs, unless they're similar, its incredibly hard. I dated a very religious Christian man during high school, and being raised atheist an...
Ethnicities and races isn't so bad. You can learn about his culture and vice versa. Where a problem might appear is different religions particularly if both parties are stuck to their religious views and aren't flexible to accept anything else b
My parents are 14 and a half years apart and it has never been a big deal
So true but loved article
What about different ethnicities, races, and religions?
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