7 Things You Never Owe a Man ...


No matter how long you've been dating your boyfriend, there are things you never owe a man.

Don't let him convince you that you're required to treat him a certain way when you're not.

Being nice is a choice, not an obligation.

Here are some things you never owe a man and should never feel bad about refusing to do:

1. Sex

It doesn't matter if he paid for your dinner.

It doesn't matter if he treats you like a princess.

It doesn't matter if you've been married to him for ten years.

Sex is one of the things you never owe a man.

Whether or not you want to have intercourse is all up to you.

Don't get guilted into doing it, because you have no reason to feel bad for saying no.

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Their divorced***
@ Victoria. Don't. My BFF bought her bf then husband things Bcz as he would say you can. There divorced now and all the problems stemmed from money.
Good article and very true . I would like to add money to this article. This has come up a lot in my relationship. My boyfriend goated me into buying him things I would really have not done. His great words are "because you can" which means I have it and he does not, so I should buy it for him (even if I don't want to) because I can. This is a very sore subject with me. How do u feel about it?
What if a guy was hurt by a girl he lived and doesn't want to get into relationships but you like him and he acts like he likes me ! Help me please
Sapna Pathak
Lovely profound article totally agree with everything I'mNot a cooking person so made sure my hubby then bf had no issues with it he is better cook than me
100% correct. My dad instilled these things mentioned in this article to me always. Made me a very strong woman. He had one extra rule not mentors here. Go to college and find a career that will allow you the ability to support yourself in the lifestyle you are a use to. Don't expect a man to take care of you. Well I must say I did do that and my life is awesome. I have a fabulous career husband & kids. So women be strong make yourself happy and be true to yourself. Namaste
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