6. You Don't Need a Man to Complete You

You Don't Need a Man to Complete You

You aren't searching for your other half.


Because you're already whole.

You know that you don't need a man in order to feel like your life is complete.

If you decide to date a man, it's only to enhance your already amazing life.

You're not foolish enough to think that he's going to turn your whole world around.

That's up to you.

You Really do Want to Be with Someone


but I'm not willing to settle simply because I get lonely at times. I've had quite a few men interested in me, but they all seem to be married (AIN'T happening!), or just not wanting to be alone anymore & talk marriage right away.
my life without him. 3 years into it, I was involved in a head-on car wreck & in a wheelchair for a year. He left me for another woman & was engaged within 3 months of doing so. I'm much better now, and certainly don't want to live my entire life single,
@Kate I feel ya. I'm 45, and once thought I would never be able to live with a man even though I'd had several long term relationships. After reuniting with my first love (14 years old, reunited 25 years later), I was living with him and couldn't imagine m
Isabella Coles
I was 20 until I decided on giving love a chance - I had no idea about dating so I tried online and there were some nice guys and a few dodgy ones! I was only looking to find friends at the time but unexpected things happen.. Although it took a long time for me to actually realise I had feelings for someone. @Natalie, dena is right on there, and plus when you learn to love yourself first (from my experience) it makes a huge difference. Then when you put yourself out there you can find love when you least expect it :)
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