6. You Don't Need a Man to Complete You

You Don't Need a Man to Complete You

You aren't searching for your other half.


Because you're already whole.

You know that you don't need a man in order to feel like your life is complete.2

If you decide to date a man, it's only to enhance your already amazing life.

You're not foolish enough to think that he's going to turn your whole world around.

That's up to you.

You Really do Want to Be with Someone


Michelle Atchison
This is so spot on about me it's freaky
@Natalie !! Cheer up , that's better for you than ending up in a wrong relationship, be confident and be sure the right guy for you will show up in the right time especially when you are busy enjoying your own personal single life , maybe you need to go out to new places , take a language course or play a sport , I'm sure when you do that, u would at least end up with good company and friends ;) and maybe a good man .
I'm forever alone no guys ever ask me out and the few who do via dating apps disappear after one or two dates. I'm not sure where I go wrong and why I'm of no interest to anyone, but I'm starting to get lonely and tired of being single. I've never had a relationship except 1 that lasted a day literally like less than 24h went by between when he asked me to be his gf and when we broke up. Am I cursed?? Why can't I get a bf it's not like I'm not looking for one
I have always been forever alone & I happy to stay this way. It is sad when I look at my sisters and friends cause their happiness relies on the guy of their so called dream, yet seeing the girl worry over every little fart for the guy, but when you see the guy, he does not give a care. So what is the use to go out to find a guy to make you happy ? If you want true , and I mean true happiness . Just take your time to learn from yourself & love your family ,& own self ..... Then later down the road you will know what you want in life .
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