5. Your Choice of Friends

Your friends-girls and guys-are the ones who stay with you through the tough times.2

Even if they weren't, however, you shouldn't let a man have this much sway over who you hang out with.

It's one thing if a person is truly a bad influence, but don't let him keep you away from your friends simply because he doesn't like them.

If your friends don't like your boyfriend, there's usually a reason.

Listen to it.

Your Family


I frankly don't understand women who give in too easily. I've known a couple of them who would say something like: I don't wear makeup because he wants me not to. I've been with a control freak, too. He tried to make me give up things I really enjoyed doing and dedicate my free time to him and his needs.needless to say, when I met my husband I instantly understood he was the one, cause he gives me total freedom to do what I want to do and be who I wanna be. At the same time I admit it's our fault, too- many of us would rather become someone else not to be alone, and that's the issue to fight against
Same here jess. Had to tone down my personality to make him happy. It was his issues not mine. These type of men make you feel responsible for their own issues. It's all about taking ownership for what is yours and theirs.
My ex changed me or I did the changes to keep him as loved me so much. End result he finished it anyway. I become depressed as I lost my true self and my own values. I had to give up male friends as he was so jealous and controlling. Unfortunately changing does not work as you end up so unhappy in the long run.
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