5. Your Choice of Friends

Your friends-girls and guys-are the ones who stay with you through the tough times. Even if they weren't, however, you shouldn't let a man have this much sway over who you hang out with. It's one thing if a person is truly a bad influence, but don't let him keep you away from your friends simply because he doesn't like them. If your friends don't like your boyfriend, there's usually a reason. Listen to it.

Your Family


Simran Kaur
Liked the article.. I have experienced this thing in my life. I have changed many things about me because of my boyfriend but in return he has too changed for me. I can say that those things were so important for the relationship to go smoothly.
Love this!
Off a bit, but Rashny how did you come about that hobby? As for giving in too easily, I hear you about being with a control freak because of being afraid to be alone. That's actually one of my worst...
My ex wanted me to change my values/morals on my outlook! He was raised by hippies basically! He called it I should be opened minded. But a lot of the ppl he was friends with I didn't prove or understand! No wonder we were on n off for 3 years!
True that 👍
Sapna Pathak
Lovely article
Rashny Poovi K
I had an ex who hated my nail art hobby until I completely lost interest in it and I became so bored and just didn't do anything else as a result It sure went downhill from there. I'm glad I'm not wi...
Lilia Antor
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