7 Things You Should Never Say to Your Husband ...


It is easy to utter words that you don't mean, in the heat of the moment, but there a some things you should never say to your husband.

Most of us have said things that we regret and that we wish we could take back.

Sadly, we cannot take back hurtful words or the pain caused by them.

Here are some things you should never say to your husband.2

1. I Want a Divorce

One of the biggest things you should never say to your husband is that you want a divorce, if you don't.

Divorce is something that should never be part of your vocabulary.

Look at divorce as something that is not an option.

Mentioning a divorce could severely hurt both your husband and your marriage.

Imagine how you would feel if he said those words.

My Ex Was


@Sassy I agree. And never threaten divorce just to get your way.
Never say "I wish I'd never married you" or "My family doesn't like you"
Only say u want a divorce if your serious. You got to tell your husband if u seriously want a divorce.
Telling him how to care for the kids if you leave them home with him. That could really offend him & make it seem like you think he is incapable of caring for his own children.
Sometimes I tell my husband that he's just like his dad -- but not in a bad way! They have similar mannerisms and habits and I think it's cute :) They're both very quirky, intelligent men!
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