4. Physical or Sexual Abuse

Abuse of any form should not be tolerated in a relationship.

Unfortunately, many people fail to recognize signs of domestic abuse for a number of reasons.

You must first realize that no matter what, you NEVER deserve to be abused.

If your partner hits you, beats you, rapes you (and yes, this includes marital rape), or inflicts any sort of physical violence on you, try your best to get out of the situation.

I know this is often easier said than done, but realize not all men are like this and that you are worthy of someone who will treat your body with respect!

Mental or Emotional Abuse


You know I'm just getting out of a relationship that none of this happen...except extremely manipulative in a way that he made all the rules in our dealings and kept or keeps me bad or women at arms length away leaving you in contempt and somehow keeping you wanting more. Anyway even trying not to feed into contempt messages it got extremely difficult for me and after bouts of sadness, roller-coaster emotional state I decided it wasn't worth it to me vas had to get out. I feel 100% better now, of course I miss pieces of the relationship, however, Peace I posses now and that is a great payoff up against being manipulated and held in contempt. I'm alone, peaceful and love it.
I was in an emotionally abusive relationship and it's so hard to leave. You get told so many bad things that you believe them. Thankfully I got the courage to leave but it wasn't until afterwards that I saw how bad it really was. I'm now marrying my best friend in 3 weeks and I can't wait! He has shown me that not all guys are the same!!
Sherri I also know someone in a relationship like this. My best friend. As frustrating as it is to see someone you care about in this kind of situation the worst thing you could do is stop being her friend. She needs you the most right now. I almost stopped talking to my BFF over it to but I'm glad I didn't. It only would of made her even more alone, isolated ect.
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