10 Things You Absolutely πŸ’― Should Not ⛔️ Be Self Conscious πŸ˜” about during Sex πŸ› ...


You're a beautiful woman, which is why you shouldn't feel self-conscious in the bedroom.

After all, sex is a time when you should be enjoying yourself, not stressing yourself out.

In order to get the most out of your bedroom experience, here are a few things that you shouldn't feel self-conscious about during sex:

1. How Long It Takes You to Orgasm

How Long It Takes You to Orgasm

It takes longer for women to orgasm than it takes men, so don't feel bad if the minutes are flying by.

Your boyfriend should understand.

Besides, if you're focused on the clock, then you're going to stress yourself out.

That means you'll never finish, because the only way you'll orgasm is if you're completely relaxed.

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How Long It Takes Him to Orgasm
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