7 Things You Should Absolutely πŸ’― Never ⛔️ Have to do to "Earn" πŸ’Έ His Love πŸ’˜ ...


When you find the right guy for you, he'll agree to be your boyfriend without a boatload of conditions. You shouldn't have to bend over backwards in order to impress him enough to date you. If you're meant to be, he'll see what a wonderful woman you are from the start. Here are a few things you shouldn't have to do to earn a man's love:

1. Buy Him Expensive Gifts

Buy Him Expensive Gifts

Money can't buy you love. If you want him to notice you, it makes sense to give him expensive gifts. However, that's not the way to win his heart. Sure, it'll make him like you, but it won't make him want to date you. Even if it does, why would you want to be with someone so materialistic?

Have Sex with Him


I just want to always look amazing for me, even when I just wake up.πŸ˜”
Just go up to him and give it. So the worse that can happen is he doesn't call you at least you won't have the thought in the back of your mind anymore
Kaitlin Rose Mooney
@aleah I feel as if he knew you weren't wearing a costume and just found a clever way to compliment you. If he says something similar, you can just say "I have a number to go along with it!!"
Never change who you are just to meet his standards, if he is not into you, he is not into you, just BE you!
Lady S
Preach! Anyone who expects any of this is not worth the effort.
Nice article.
I totally agree with this article!
Im sure 90% of us has done one this of things from lust to make her bf happy .
Because I'll probably/hopefully will see him again this year and I want some advice.
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