7 Things You Shouldn't ❌ Rush ⏱ into in Relationships 👫 ...


It doesn't matter how badly you want a husband and kids, because you can't rush through a relationship.

You need to take your time and get to know the guy you're dating before you can vow to spend the rest of our life with him.

Besides, why would you want your life to move by too quickly?

You should enjoy every second instead of waiting for the future to arrive.

In order to do that, here are a few things you shouldn't rush into in a relationship:

1. Having Sex

Having Sex

Never have sex unless you're completely comfortable with the idea.3

You don't want to end up regretting your decision.

If your partner loves you, you won't have to worry about him leaving you, just because you refused to take your clothes off for him.

He'll be patient and understanding, which means he'll wait as long as he has to to sleep with you.

Moving in Together


How can you tell if he loves you back, even though he hasn't said?
Great article
@jackie also don't let your family pressure you into any choices. Your body, your life, your choice.
@jackie that's something you should probably sit down and talk to your guy about. He might not want them at all and you may. Ask yourself if you'd be sad knowing you'll never have any. Would you be okay adopting? Are you okay with being an older mom? Are you okay if your baby has side effects? Lastly, your doctor could tell you it's too risky. My mothers friend had a baby when she was fourty and got kidney failure out of the blue. My grandmother had my mom when she was 42 and was fine. It's really something you need to ask yourself, your partner, and a doctor.
The guy that I like we recently went on a first date but we are just getting to know each other.. And I would like to get and develop a strong friendship with him first then for a date. Should this be leading quickly to a date or a friendship first? And should I mentioned it to him?
I am getting married next year to a wonderful guy. I'm 38 years old& he's the same age. I don't know if we are going to have kids cuz we'll be almost 40 when we're married. I know a lot of women have healthy babies past then, but, I'm on the fence about having any??
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