7 Things Your Boyfriend Should Never Make You do for Him ...


No matter how much you love your partner, there are things your boyfriend should never make you do.

He's not in charge of you, so he shouldn't be barking orders at you.

Even though you're in a relationship, you're still your own person and are in charge of your own actions.

Here are a few big things your boyfriend should never make you do if you don't want to:

1. End Friendships

It's understandable for him to be uncomfortable with you texting your ex every single night, but he should be okay with you having friends that you hang out with when he's not around.

He doesn't have power over you, unless you let him have it.2

Telling your friends that you can't hang out with them anymore, even when you're dying to see them, is one of the things your boyfriend should never make you do.

He can express how he feels about them, but whether you spend time with them is not his call.

Lose Weight


Congina Bouie
I agee with all that. Especially the weight part. I dated a guy who told me I needed to lose weight I was very hurt by what he said but I did it. I lost 50lbs. and when I was done more guys started to notice me so I dumped him and started seeing someone else.. should have accepted me for who I was thats what happens when u try to change someone.
I agree with everything that is said here except for one very important thing. I take serious issue with "remember that your needs are more important than his". This is just wrong, plain and simple. It is unfair to both of you to stay in a relationship that makes you unhappy, but your needs are most certainly NOT more important than his. He is human and important and has needs too, even if he is a douche. One of the fundamental things about being in a relationship is taking the time to consider how what you do affects the other person IN ADDITION to yourself - not in favor of, or instead of yourself, but in addition - because they are just as important as you are. I also take minor issue with the one about cooking and chores, only because I've known some people who whined that their husband didn't do his part around the house, or who refuse to cook, despite that they were stay-at-home-moms without jobs (some even without kids, too) and the husband worked full time plus. A full day at work IS doing his part, and while it certainly doesn't mean he should be leaving dirty clothes on the dining table or being too lazy to refill a TP roll, when a man comes home from a long day of work, and the woman's been at home all day, he can throw his dishes in the sink if he wants to. And yard maintenance and stereotypically "guy" type work like that which happens to be outside the building of the house counts, too. Not that it should be a running tally at all times, but people generally know what's fair and have a reasonable idea of approx. what can be considered balanced unless they're completely lazy. BTW, my issue with "remember that your needs are more important than his" obviously does not apply to situations involving real abuse (not just a grouchy day where he's a little testy or stand-offish). Anything involving abuse isn't a real relationship and you should get out stat, regardless of what he says he thinks or feels. And no, the kids are not an excuse to stay with him. If anything, kids are even more reason to get away, because both parents should firmly believe "the kids' needs are more important than mine", and it is paramount that kids not grow up experiencing or witnessing abusive behavior. If you are being abused, living in poverty from a shelter for a while until you get back on your feet and working your butt off as a single mom is far better than yourself or your kids enduring abuse.
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