7 Things You Should 💭 Remember to Always 💯 Tell Your Partner 👫 besides "I Love You" 💘 ...


Saying “I love you” is of utmost importance but your partner should know of your other feelings for and about them.

Sharing these words helps your relationship stay strong and helps build love, trust, and respect.

These are other sentiments your partner should hear from you.

1. You Can do It

One of the cornerstones of any great relationship is each other’s ability to believe in their partner.

Words of encouragement like ‘you can do it’ go a long way to boosting the confidence of your partner and helping to strengthen the bond between the two of you.2

There is no better combination than knowing that somebody loves you and that they believe in you no matter what.

2. You’re Beautiful/handsome

Obviously ‘I love you’ is the go to comment when you are in a serious relationship, but it’s good to mix it up every now and then so that the sentiment doesn’t lose its power.2

Telling your partner that they are beautiful/handsome is great comment to switch it up every now and then, it might take them by surprise and give them an extra little boost of self-confidence.

3. I’m Proud of You

Sometimes your partner might embark on a mission or activity that they are really passionate about, but unfortunately it may not end in complete success.

In these moments of frustration the thing to remember to tell them is not matter what, you are completely proud of them.

It will help them to remember that it’s not all about the winning;

it’s about putting yourself out there and giving things a try.

4. Let’s Go on a Date

One of the worst things that can happen in a long-term relationship is that everything starts to become a bit too routine and overly predictable.

Keep things a little fresh but surprising your other half with a last minute date night every now and then.2

It shows that you have been thinking about them all day and that you want to be fun and spontaneous.

Even if it just a trip to the local movie theatre, it’s still some unplanned fun alone time.

I Appreciate You
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