This is What Heartbreak 💔 Really Feels like 😭 ...


Falling in love is simply magical.

It is as if the world suddenly feels brighter and lighter, and all you want to do is wear your beautiful smile around.

Love is so powerful that for many, it directly affects how they feel about themselves and how they perceive the world.

Having said that, surely you can imagine how terrifying it must feel to be heartbroken.

1. The Initial Feeling of Heartbreak is like a Dagger to the Heart

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The first reaction to heartbreak feels like sharp objects prodding you all over your body.2

It's painful physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Your body feels tired and weary and the tears only add to the pain you're feeling.

2. After a Few Days, You Have Lost Interest in Everything and Everyone While the Pain Continues to Prod

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After a few days - or even after a week, the pain feels as though it's never going to leave.

You've spent countless hours crying, talking about your heartbreak constantly, or not talking about it at all.

Either way, you're filled with a feeling of hopelessness and despair.

3. After a Few Weeks, the Pain Subsides and You Slowly Start to Feel like Your Old Self

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During the initial period of heartbreak, you think that it'll never end - it does.

And this will come in a few weeks time.

Slowly, your tears will start to dry and you'll start to regain your sense of hope, love, and positivity.

It takes time, but it is definitely coming.

4. After 1-2 Months, You'll Be More Emotionally Stable, and You'll Be Able to Enjoy Life More and More Each Day

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The worst part about heartbreak is that there is very little you can do to minimise the pain.2

The sad truth is, you will just have to ride it out.

Spend those days crying and feeling as if the world has ended, because trust me, in time, that pain does get better and eventually, it does disappear.

After a Couple Months, You'll Find Inspiration Again. You'll Notice the Beauty and Opportunities the World Has to Offer You
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