๐Ÿ’”This is Why You Shouldn't Follow Your Ex on Social Media ๐Ÿ’” ...


No good comes of giving your ex space in your head โ€“ especially not of the digital kind.

Itโ€™s hard enough going through the getting over it phase without prolonging the agony.

Itโ€™s simply a big no no to keep your ex on your Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram - or any other platform โ€“ post break up.

This is why you should unfollow, un-friend, block or mute when your relationship ends.

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1. If Heโ€™s out of Sight, Heโ€™s out of Mind

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One of the key reasons not to follow your ex on social media is that if you cannot see what he is getting up to and who is he is getting it up with, then you wonโ€™t have the opportunity to feel sad or jealous about the difference between his new life and your new life.

It does no good to either of you if you become obsessed with stalking each other from afar and not actually moving on with your own lives.

The best way to avoid this is to delete him from your social media platforms.2

2. You Donโ€™t Have to Think before You Post

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With your ex completely out of the social media landscape, you donโ€™t have to stop and think about what you post in fear of causing a row or bringing any unwanted hassle back in to your life.

You are free to live your life however you want to in this new chapter without the possibility of judgement from your ex looming over your head all the time.

3. You Can Avoid Making Bad Decisions

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Say itโ€™s past midnight and you are feeling a little lonely.

You donโ€™t want the possibility of being able to go on your exโ€™s page and either get sad looking at old photos or even worse, send a late night message that could lead to a booty call that you will absolutely regret in the days to follow!

Pressing the un-friend button is a much easier option and will save you a lot of potential bad decision making in the future!

No More Possibility of ACCIDENTALLY Liking Something!
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