7. Distract Yourself

Find distractions to keep your mind from drowning in memories of your old relationship.

After you have been through a blindsiding breakup, your mind is going to struggle and try to make sense of the whole situation, which will bring up many old memories.

Find things to distract yourself like find a new hobby, sign up for a class in something you have always wanted to learn or learn a new language.

The goal is to distract yourself so you won’t constantly be tortured by thoughts of your ex.

So those are just a few tips that can help you get through the breakup aftermath when someone you love suddenly leaves the relationship.

How did you cope when you were blindsided by a breakup?2


Channic Ny
am I getting in blindside too?? 😢
Yes I agree! it's annoying not being able to read the entire article. Do they not notice it to fix it?
That's the reason why I don't even get on his thing as much, I've even consider deleting the app! 😒
Me either
why can't I see the entire essay contents of these anymore. ever since the app changed.
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