4. Whisper in His Ear

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This is where sexy, dirty talk comes in.

A lot of girls find this really awkward and uncomfortable, but I'm going to tell you how to keep it simple, sexy, and unforced.2

As you're making out with your man, lean in to kiss his neck and ears.

Then start biting his neck, and as you move to his earlobe softly whisper in his ear, "I want you." That is all you need to do and he will go wild!

Go back to passionately making out with him, and you will leave him like silly putty in your hands.

Keep Your Hands Moving


going to try thease tips tomorrow when i visit the guy im dating tomorrow since no classes till three i love college yahoo
@Emily Myers, the repetition of seeing someone is really important to keep our subconscious mind interested in the person. One tip I give to you, is: you and your boyfriend shoul not keep only talking on the phone and on chat, you also MUST always talk via webcam. Because of the repetition, extremely important.
Heather Jensen
Thanks Emily for the feedback! :)
Emily Myers
my boyfriend and I are living in different states right now because of college but I can't wait to use these tips when he comes to visit in a few weeks! Thanks!!
I've been told by most of my past boyfriends that I'm a great kisser...and I'll add that I do every single thing on this list. :-) (P.S. They seem to like #8 the most!)
Heather Jensen
That's great Anon!! Thank you so much for the comment!
Heather Jensen
Thank you Shey!! We love you too!
Heather Jensen
That's so awesome Zoe! Congrats!! :)
Heather Jensen
Aww! Thanks Folly!!
Heather Jensen
Aww! Thanks Brittany! :)
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