4. Whisper in His Ear

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This is where sexy, dirty talk comes in. A lot of girls find this really awkward and uncomfortable, but I'm going to tell you how to keep it simple, sexy, and unforced.

As you're making out with your man, lean in to kiss his neck and ears. Then start biting his neck, and as you move to his earlobe softly whisper in his ear, "I want you." That is all you need to do and he will go wild! Go back to passionately making out with him, and you will leave him like silly putty in your hands.

Keep Your Hands Moving


Heather, thank you so much for these tips! I used some of them on my guy for the first time makeout, and it left him speechless! P.S, number 8 and straddling really seem to get them, haha!
Heather Jensen
That's awesome!! :) Thank you for the comment Amy!
Amy Aparicio
Heather, this is a great article! Im a teenager.. So Im not married like most of these people are, but I figured you love all sorts of feedback. Me and my boyfriend have made out and I have used some ...
THESE WERE SUM AWESOME TIPS!! Definitely trying them...... Tomorrow lol but..umm.....I'm never sucking his finger lol tats weird but hey if it works for then ok but this was an awesome article and @ken I'm so very sorry about ur wife
Heather Jensen
Definitely do! Let us know how it goes! :)
I've never done any of these but I might give them a shot
Heather Jensen
Aww! That's so great that you thought of that! :) Thanks for the comment Ken! It's so great to hear from a guy!
@Heather Jensen, That's a great idea, but I'll leave straddling to the girl! (heh) I'll probably start dating again soon. My wife died last year. Her medical condition left her unable to climax years...
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