5. Keep Your Hands Moving


It's great to hold the back of his neck and sides of his face when kissing, but don't be afraid to move around below the neck. This is a great tip for a make out session because you get to touch more sensitive spots on his body. Try keeping one hand on his shoulder and another gliding up and down his arm. Another spot where you can go is up the back of his shirt.

Use all different types of pressure from a gentle, barely there finger grace to digging your nails into him. The different pressures will turn him on and make his senses soar through the roof. You should also move your hands around on his chest which is often a neglected spot on a man. You can run one hand on it, even straight down to his stomach, while pulling the hair on his head with the other. Think of your hands as a sensual roller coaster for him; he'll never know what's coming next!

Tease Him


Heather Jensen
Hi Ken! :) That's awesome! Maybe you should try some of these on a girl too. :)
Never had any of these things done for me, but some would have been awesome. 1:Straddling? OMG!! 2:Hair play? Might be OK. 3:Caress neck? Probably great. 4: Whispers? WOW, got shivers reading it. 5: H...
Heather Jensen
That's awesome! I'm so glad that you picked up some new ones too!
I'm surprised at how many of these tricks I already knew without knowing they were "turn on" tricks! No wonder the session always went well hehe... but some of the ones I didn't know will make it even better! Thanks!!
Heather Jensen
Aww! That's so awesome!!
Barons Qawi
all of this things i usely do to me husband hahaha it makes him so high hahaha gotta love it
Heather Jensen
Anytime!! :)
OMG I'm trying this with my boyfriend his birthday is on the 30th of november thanks heather <3
Heather Jensen
That's awesome Chan! Let us know how it goes!
going to try thease tips tomorrow when i visit the guy im dating tomorrow since no classes till three i love college yahoo
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