8 Tips for Choosing a Holiday Gift for Your Guy ...


With the holidays rapidly approaching, you might be wondering how to choose a gift for the guy in your life.





How do you choose a gift for your sweetheart that lets him know you care, you're not cheap, and you're totally into him?

I can help!

Here are 8 tips for choosing a holiday gift for your guy.

1. How Long Have You Been Together?

If you and your guy haven't been together long, he may not plan to exchange gifts, which might be awkward if you do.

Check with him first to make sure the two of you will be doing a gift exchange before you even worry about how to choose a gift.

2. What's Your Budgie?

Next you have to think about how much you can afford to spend on a gift for your guy.

You might want to get him a new iPhone, but if it means eating ramen noodles and peanut butter sandwiches til June, you might want to think of a less expensive gift.2

3. Does He like Surprises?

Me, I love surprises.

But some people, potentially your guy, may not.2

He may be one of those types who really wants to have input into your gift for him, and that will greatly influence how you choose a gift for him.

4. What's He into?

If he's a musician, dog lover, coffee hound, hockey fan, or gourmet cook, any of interests will help guide you in choosing a gift he'll love.

Some online shops even tell you, up front, which of their gifts are god for people with certain interests, and at retail shops, you can always ask for help.

5. What Does He Need?

I know it's lame, but sometimes the best gift for your guy is something he really needs, not just something he wants.

I always ask for socks and underwear for Christmas, and if that's what he needs, too, at least add a few pairs of boxer briefs and Hanes socks to his pile of loot.

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