17 Tips 📝 to Feel More Confident 😁 when You're Having Sex 🛏 ...


You're a beautiful, sexy woman. That's why your boyfriend loves having sex with you! Don't ruin the moment by letting your self-consciousness take control. Here are a few tips that'll make you feel more confident during sex:

1. Wear Lingerie

Wear Lingerie

This will kill two birds with one stone. It'll boost your confidence while turning your man on.

Turn the Lights off


How about don't think about it. Workout? Get out of here... Role play? C'mon! Lingerie? Whatever. Who wrote this? Nudity is more of a turn on. Sex is the workout. Your speaking of role playing in the same article that you suggest turning off the lights?!
Media. That's right. Love your body! He obviously does or he wouldn't be there with you! Your a woman. Enjoy your femininity. Enjoy what God gave you and not him. Don't be ashamed. It's natural... he's craving YOU!
Omg seriously! Here's the thing, he's just as nervous if not more nervous than you. Can he get an erection? How long will he last? To quick? To small? Body? He has insecurities also. Why it falls on women to deal with their sexuality is beyond me.
Look at him looking at you. Don't look at yourself. He has a completely different view.
Amanda Wyatt
Very helpful thank u
Very helpful
before clicking on this I had gut feelings it is from Holly ❕
This covers a lot! Very helpful. 😋
Sapna Pathak
Nice tips
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