7 Tips for Getting over a Bad Relationship ...


It can take a seriously long time to get over a bad relationship. Let’s face it, if life was like the movies, we’d spend the night in baggy clothes, eating ice-cream and crying, and then feel refreshed and rejuvenated enough to meet someone new the very next day. In reality, healing just isn’t that fast. But how do you help yourself to heal as quickly as possible so you can get over a bad relationship?

1. Crying is Allowed…

Most people don’t like to wallow, and some completely refuse to cry. In order to healthily get over a bad relationship, some crying is essential. It releases tension, stress and emotion, and helps you to process the break-up and heal. Soon enough, you’ll find that you don’t need or want to cry anymore – and you’ll know you’ve turned a corner. Stock up on soft tissues and cry it out when you need to.

Make a Plan…


Rashny Poovi K
Rashny Poovi K
Thanks for the article. My guy also left me after 4 yrs and shortly found another girl and I heard he was getting to this person. We don't talk anymore but Facebook makes it impossible for me to stay away from him. Thanks for this article.
My ex left me after 4 years and an 8 month engagement and found a new gf within weeks. it hurts but I found a man. And we are talking and hope things progress with him :) My ex stalks my twitter someh...
Jordan Wilson
I really like this!!
Denise Cristobal
Amy, he disrespected and hurt you. In my opinion, he doesn't deserve a place in your heart or your life. I know you can't let him go right away, but work on it. Show yourself some love, hun! You deserve so much better!
Amy Hagan
Me and my boyfriend had an argument and he told me that he has been cheating on me and that he doesn't need me anymore because we already had sex, he said this after he dumped me. But I still love him and miss him, what do I do ?
Laryssa Sepulveda
this is just what I needed to hear! not going to be easy but it's a step forward that I'm willing to take!!
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