7 Tips for Handling a Difficult Relationship ...


Handling a difficult relationship is never easy, but everything that you have with your partner is worth fighting for, right? If you are handling a difficult relationship right now, know that you aren't alone and that there are tips to help you. Below, I've got some helpful tips that will not only help you handle your relationship, but that could actually save it! If you are considering a break up, take a look below before you pull the trigger!

1. Set down Boundaries

Handling a difficult relationship is something that everyone does at one time or another but you've got to set down boundaries. What does that mean? If your partner is clingy as soon as you get home, just tell them you need 10 minutes with no talking. If your partner is constantly at you for not spending time with them, set a rule that both of you need to have a date night once a week. Difficult and conflicting relationships and opposite relationships are hard, but worth it!

Lose the Frustration


Kara Rae
I really could use all these tips in my life right now. Although very difficult to set aside the boundaries and frustrations, this article has it down pat! If you truly love someone you should always ...
@kristi, you should spend time with people who love you , not men who disrespect you. It's not healthy, try being alone for awhile and doing things you've never done before and yeah, a pet might help
I am in difficult relationship! next month his bday will come! should I wish.him or not? I feel like I'm the.one.holding relationship
im in a crazy relationship with somebody and he has multiple personality but i love him and i hope our relationship can around
Omg this is not good or healthy for you at all, maybe you need to find love in yourself and a pet of some sort
Joanne Ono
@Kristi ...try "Daily strength support group forums". There is a group for emotional and physical abuse that might work for you!!
Life isnt easy , i was married for 32 years . He cheated I left after a year . Never dreamed our marriage would come to an end . I was numb for 8 years even though I have met a man and live with him b...
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