30 Tips for How to Make Him Want You More ...


Granted I’m not relationship expert, girls, but I do know of some pretty effective ways for making your guy stick around, such as how to make him want you more around the clock!

Guys are of a different breed, so remember they think completely differently than we do.

What you think may be the best approach may be completely opposite of what is going to work to charm him and keep him wanting you.

A person who wants you will want more than just your sexual affection, but will want to spend more time with you just for being you.

They will appreciate you and just want to be around you, no matter where you’re at.

To pull this off, follow these little tips for how to make him want you more.

I promise they don’t only work, but they’re great tips for a girl to know overall!2

1. Go More Natural


Believe it or not, as fun as it is to get all dolled up for your guy, one of the best ways on how to make him want you more is to go more natural.

Use less hair products, don’t wear crazy makeup, and don’t feel like you have to wear makeup all the time around him.

Guys like to see you get dressed up, but they also prefer your natural side more than they do you being dressed up all the time, or wearing a full face of makeup around the clock.

That being said, unless you’re going out for a night on the town, go more natural.

Your guy will see the real you, which is what you want him to want in the first place!

Don’t Try Too Hard


can someone tell me why I can only see the nr1 of everything? I can\'t see the rest.. there are just adds and then other articles.. I have logged in....
I had to sign up for this site just to make my point. First of all why are women writing articles about what men like or want? If you don\'t have a dick you don\'t know! Women you\'re smarter than this! There are 3 billion dudes on the planet so to say \"men like X and men like Y\" is really niave. I can only speak for myself but I want my girl friend to be a good human being. Sex is great, food is great and an interesting conversation with real honesty is great too. If I\'m not texting you as much recently it\'s because I\'m busy or I just don\'t feel the need to share every Fing thought that comes out of my head, it has NOTHING to do with me not being interested in you. Not everything is a sign of something.
@ovieberlian, No. It is ok, if you cant be free to love with all your heart, you are with the wrong guy. I wish she would text me more sometimes, but I got used to it. Now she wants all that back. Teach your other how to love you. We do learn. There is NEVER anything wrong with giving. The receiver may be wrong but the giver rarely is. Try not doing it and I guarantee your other will soon say \"whats up?\"
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