12. Be Mysterious

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Don't reveal everything about yourself right away.

This includes your body as well as your personality.

Guys like a little bit of mystery.

If they know what they're getting right away, then there is no fun in that for him.3

They like the chase and finding out what there is to know - especially about your body.

Don't dress too revealing, just sexy enough to make him look.

Be in Control


It's quite difficult if he's married and so are you...
Elizabeth Erol
Every subject in that topic right now is the kind of relationship that I have with my boyfriend. I felt like I've accomplished a lot as a women . We 'be been together for 4 years now and people are suprised to see him stick around cause women always been around never stay. We are not just boyfriend and girlfriend but friend. He said " I love you cause you smart , beautiful , intelligent and respectful. Things that he's been looking for .
Recently I have a problem with a guy because he said he likes a chase and I basically haven't been able to give him that. The other night he wasn't making any moves so I felt like I had to and he didn't like that. Have I ruined it or is there someway I can fix this??
My situation is a bit strange he will act sorta shy in public like during school but alone he gives me a lot of attention. Ufgh. And he doesn't always text back. Merp.
Kylie Osborne
Oh gosh this is so me right now!
Pasha Sharif
@Pasha Sharif,
Pasha Sharif
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