13. Be in Control

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Don't give in to everything that he says.

Whether it's in the bedroom or just in general, take control every once in a while.

Tell him you want to go to this place or that place and when you want to go there.2

Don't wait around for him to make plans and decisions.

In bed, if your relationship is there, you try to take control every once in a while.

Sometimes guys like to not be the one and only decision maker.

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Karla Jรกuregui Baz
mil milano
Same here jade I love that jealousy part that's really good !
I need to not try so hard. I can text him how much i love him more than once a day. That needs to stop I guess?
No ma
Love the jealousy read!
Zhen Wu
Real men also do not like to play games. If he shows obvious interest and commitment time and time again then return some love to keep him around ;)
Ivana Wijaya
Definitely a good read. Thanks!
Number two is so important! They need to know you are relaxed and comfortable!
I agree on a lot of these points but I don't fully agree on the first couple. You should be who you want to be, who you're comfortable with being & if that means wearing 'crazy' make-up & dressing up all of the time then so be it & if your potential OH doesn't like that then move on & find another who'll love you for you. That's just my two cents.
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