14. Smell Delicious


Have you ever hugged a guy who smelled delicious, and fought the urge to kiss him? Well, men go just as crazy over nice scents as we do. Buy a perfume or even a deodorant with an alluring scent and he'll be all over you.

Buy New Clothes


About being yourself sounds nice and enough, if he is that great he will accept you and sweetheart, it's not your job to get his attention, it's his job to give you the attention you deserve 🙃
This some bullshit article
This is so true. If a guy can't put any effort I to the relationship, let him go
Savannah LaFave
Loved this!
Mango Mom
Great article!! I have done a few already, but being myself has landed me with a guy that has a heart of gold. Any of you ladies have more tips? The more the better
Love this
kayla burns
how about being yourself
peony blue
Aaargh just be yourself girl after u have done a lot of these commandments he would have left u for ur best friend!!
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