14. Smell Delicious


Have you ever hugged a guy who smelled delicious, and fought the urge to kiss him?

Well, men go just as crazy over nice scents as we do.

Buy a perfume or even a deodorant with an alluring scent and he'll be all over you.

Buy New Clothes


Kat Whitaker
Another thing a lot of guys can't stand is when you refuse to be seen without makeup all the time
@Jeannine I agree!! I feel MUCH more attractive with makeup!! I'm not all into styles & crazy cloths but if I want to look good I have to feel good first!
@Sweta , try! Works!
:) works!!
Halee Morgan
I like this guy but we went out and he broke up with me and he says he regrets it but I don't know if he wants to get back together or not I don't get it
Good tips! Worth tryin!
Karla Jáuregui Baz
mil milano
Same here jade I love that jealousy part that's really good !
I need to not try so hard. I can text him how much i love him more than once a day. That needs to stop I guess?
No ma
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