16. Take Pictures

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There's nothing wrong with flooding your Facebook with selfies.

When he sees other guys 'like' your photos, he'll realize that he's not the only one who finds you attractive.2

Posting pictures with your pals is also a great idea, because he'll be able to see how happy you are when he's not around.

It shows him you have a life outside of your relationship.

Pay Attention to What He Likes


From a man's point of view all is right and good except from 4,5 and 16: Do the opposite of what the article says 4: After the date a man NEVER calls if he does he is soft and seeking approval. When was the last time that a guy called you first and you like it? Seriously? If the man "chases" you WILL consider him needy and unsecure because he is. Instead initiate contact and let him take initiative for your next date. If you don't within a week tops he''ll know your level of attraction to him is low. 5: The above apply here too.I dont say the guy never called first but in a much lower frequency than the girl. If the guy called first all the time your dating, you will lose interest as he is chasing you (you don't want that) 16 Don't flood facebook and other social media with selfies pics Be yourself Only boys take that seriously
It's quite difficult if he's married and so are you...
Elizabeth Erol
Every subject in that topic right now is the kind of relationship that I have with my boyfriend. I felt like I've accomplished a lot as a women . We 'be been together for 4 years now and people are suprised to see him stick around cause women always been around never stay. We are not just boyfriend and girlfriend but friend. He said " I love you cause you smart , beautiful , intelligent and respectful. Things that he's been looking for .
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