19. Use Body Language

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You've all heard that actions speak louder than words.

That means your body language can get him hot and heavy from across the room if you make the right moves.

Eye contact is the most important tool to use, but you should also make sure you're not hunched over and that you don't look too angry to approach.

Keep it flirty.

Try out a New Trick


A real man communicates his likes and dislikes as well as a woman. That's how you figure out if two people are compatible. Not by walking around like a teeny bopper playing mind games and setting standards that can't possibly be lived up to.
I agree. If he's into you. Then he will be into you for who you genuinely are. I feel like most of this article is trying to promote picture perfect women. I'm fat and if my man loves me, he loves my fat! Yes I will try and make myself better...for me.
I agree that this article is not great.. All of these are immature dating rules. Don't expect the guy to do it all. Girls need to step up as well. If a guy always calls first and makes the first move they may think you are not interested.
Kira Hanna Keppel
This is one of the worst articles ever on this site. We are women and we should not have to change ourselves in order to fit male standards. This is bullshit. Whoever wrote this article should be banned
That was meant as, sure, ask a question! Perhaps not the best reply, or you'd prefer to ask someone else; that's fine ;)
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