2. Don’t Try Too Hard

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It can be so easy when we are nervous to try a little harder to make a guy want us.

For instance, we might decide to spend extra time getting ready, and dress ourselves up all the time extra special.

Or, we may send him cards, texts, or other things to let him know we’re thinking about him.

Or, maybe you’re like me, and you tend to express yourself through your words.

If so, don’t overload him with how much you’re into him.

You can let him know in subtle ways without chasing him or trying too hard.

Guys like to know that girls are relaxed around them and comfortable enough around them to remain low key.

They also tend to like a girl who is a little shy, so don’t be too overbearing at first.

Guys hate a nag, and a whiny girl, so never, ever resort to either of these habits and expect to get positive results.2

Don’t Appear Too High Maintenance
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