23. Have Other Priorities

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Don't cancel plans with your family members in order to see him. He's not the most important thing in your life, no matter how much you love him. You have to remember that your job, friends, and parents deserve as much attention as he does. If you drop everything for him, he'll think he has you in the palm of his hand. Let him know that you're your own woman by prioritizing your work and family ahead of him (occasionally).

Cook for Him


Elizabeth Erol
Every subject in that topic right now is the kind of relationship that I have with my boyfriend. I felt like I've accomplished a lot as a women . We 'be been together for 4 years now and people are su...
Recently I have a problem with a guy because he said he likes a chase and I basically haven't been able to give him that. The other night he wasn't making any moves so I felt like I had to and he didn...
My situation is a bit strange he will act sorta shy in public like during school but alone he gives me a lot of attention. Ufgh. And he doesn't always text back. Merp.
Kylie Osborne
Oh gosh this is so me right now!
Pasha Sharif
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Pasha Sharif
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