4. Make Him Work for Your Attention a Little

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If you’re out to eat or see a movie, one of the best ways to make your guy want you more is to let him do most of the work.

Let him grab your hand, steal a kiss, or open the door for you.

Let him know you expect these things by not being the first one to make all the moves.

Also, when you get home from a date, don’t text him right away, but let him text or call you instead.

If he doesn’t, wait until the next day.

If you haven’t heard from him by the next day, then you should still wait to let him contact you.

Don’t go chasing him if he doesn’t even have the courtesy to call you after a date.

He’s not worth your time;

trust me!

Don’t Call Him First


I am still in hs and my bf just graduated. he is turning 19 and he is always choosing his friends over me. how do I get time if every time I ask it's we will see and his bestfriend always gets in the way. and when we are together it's his bestfriend after 30 minutes alone.
I don't think you should make him jealous because if he likes you he might back off when he sees that it LOOKS like you like someone else
girls plz help :'( it's been 10 days now not meeting my boyfriend everytime we agree to meet, something comes up and we don't go out though i wait and get ready but at the last moment he gives me call to explain that something came up and he cant come.. sometimes because of work, or family, or somebody is sick...bla bla am feeling that he is making excuses in order not to see me!!!!!!.. and am afraid that he lost interest, however he keeps telling me that he misses me so much and he loves me.. but i cant see he is making any efforts to be together.. what should i do.. and how can i make sure if he is really busy or he doesn't want to see me.!!!!!!
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