6. Be Nice to His Friends

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If you can’t stand your man’s friend, it can be hard to pull this trick off, but you must, hun!

No guy wants to see a girl be rude to his friend.

Just like we would stick up for our girlfriend, they will stick up for male friend too.

They might put up with you being rude to their friends for awhile, but not for long, I promise.2

Guys like girls who respect their friends, family and co-workers.

It implies you are respectful of them by you showing courtesy to people in their lives.

Don’t Act Too Jealous


This is an atrocious topic. How about women just learn they don't need a guy's approval to be happy and that a relationship that contains games and tricks is set up for failure? We're all human beings, encouraging twisted manipulation tactics doesn't do anyone, nor society, a favor.
I dont agree with no.7 i know its not good to b jelouse but sometime if u pretend nothing is going on she thinks u just dont realize it and she can do anything so she'll flirt even more trust me those types do exist
These points only make sense if they reflect the real 'you'. If not, the relationship has already failed.
Kat Whitaker
Another thing a lot of guys can't stand is when you refuse to be seen without makeup all the time
@Jeannine I agree!! I feel MUCH more attractive with makeup!! I'm not all into styles & crazy cloths but if I want to look good I have to feel good first!
@Sweta , try! Works!
:) works!!
Halee Morgan
I like this guy but we went out and he broke up with me and he says he regrets it but I don't know if he wants to get back together or not I don't get it
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