7 Tips for Making Your Marriage Divorce Proof ...


If you are married then you'll want to know the best tips for making your marriage divorce proof. We live in a world that enters into marriage with fear in our hearts. We fear divorce because it is so prevalent in our society but it doesnโ€™t have to be. If you follow these tips for making your marriage divorce proof then your chances of marital success are much higher.

1. Lose the Word

One of the best tips for making your marriage divorce proof is to absolutely lose the word, divorce. Refuse to even entertain the possibility. Having the attitude that divorce is simply not an option is a good attitude to have. This means that you never threaten divorce, even in the heat of an argument. Knowing that your commitment to one another is solid is a great way to make your marriage divorce proof.

Forgive Quickly


@Pavel unfortunately the majority of people think its just a myth or stories and worse, they do not get to experience the great things that come from having a personal relationship with God. Many peop...
@Lola I love god and I wish everyone feels gods love one day in their lives and realize how much easier everything is!
The last point in this article is so important , I agree 100% with the whole article
Although I hope nobody has to go through divorce..I don't think people should feel ashamed or afraid to do so. If you're not happy then do what you need to do.
Myrna Agosto
Excellent advice! I've been married for seven years and I truly believe these tips are right on track... My favorites are #1, 4 and #7
Sonia Hinojosa
I have to agree with #6 . I think I speak for a lot of us when I say that I have actually caught the hubby checking out the "hottie" walking past our table as we dined and trying to act like it didn't matter when it actually did
I think the most important rule for a good, happy and forever marriage is to have God at the center of it. Lots of things in this world would be better if people would believe God and be afraid to do ...
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