4. Talk the Day before Meeting

Never go without talking to the person that you are meeting the day before meeting. It could cause some tension and weirdness when you do finally meet. So girls, before you meet up with the guy that you've been dating online, make sure that you talk to him the day before you meet him.

Don't do Dinner


Great tips... I've been talking to a guy I met online for roughly 8 months he is VERY shy we still have never talked on the phone only text and email... I do know he is not a "catfish" due to a friend...
Heather Jensen
Aww! That's so awesome! :) Thank you for the comment!
Heather Jensen
It all depends on the gap of age that you lied about. My girlfriend lied about her age by a year -- it wasn't a big deal at all. :)
oh and I had a question. I kind of lied about my age a tiny bit. Can I come clean if the date goes well? I mean, if it does - I will say i wanted a chance to explain and if the date sucks it won't mat...
I love love love you for posting this article. Exactly what I needed. And going to watch some "Catfish" now. Need. To.Prepare. Can't.Stress.It.Enough.
good tips, thankss
Ziv Woo
good tips
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