7 Tips for when You Hate Your Daughter's Boyfriend ...


When you hate your daughter’s boyfriend, it can seem like there will never be peace in your house.

But the time has come to weigh out your options and be more proactive when it comes to your child’s love life.

Whether your child is in high school or looking to get married, it’s no picnic when you hate your daughter’s boyfriend.

It is definitely hard to see the love of your life, the person you love forever unconditionally, waste their time with someone who you think is a complete loser.

Do not feel helpless any longer because here are 7 tips to consider following for when you hate your daughter’s boyfriend!

1. Introduce Her to Someone New

This might seem annoying at first but as a concerned parent, you have every right to introduce new prospects into your child's life when you hate your daughter's boyfriend.

Regardless of whether she is interested in the guys you introduce her to or not, I would still continue to suggest new guys.

I say to continue with setting her up whether it works out or not, because maybe eventually she will see the differences between the gentlemen you set her up with, and the low-life she is currently dating.

And even if she doesn’t, introducing her to new people can be a positive and assertive thing to do- especially since you’re not directly intervening in her relationship, and you are still showing your daughter how concerned you really are.

Express Concern to Your Daughter


Logan Horton
Ending it? No. All that does is break her heart and make her hate you. Let her learn her own lessons. Mothers don't always know what's best.
My parents hated my boyfriend for the longest time, this is our 6th year together, but after a while and all the headache of them trying to hook me up with others...taking my phone...forbidding all that stuff, I think they finally see he isn't going anywhere anytime soon, just give boyfriends a chance don't make your daughter hate you and break her heart just because your selfish, if she's happy that's all that should matter!
Sophie Louise McSharry
I think it's very childish to slag him off to friends and family, this alone can tear your family apart. My parents hated a few boyfriends but they never ever broke it off themselves, I learnt the hard way and Im glad I did! If you don't learn from your own mistakes you will continue to make them! You cannot wrap your child in cotton wool, let them make their own mistakes it makes them a better person, just make sure you are there when it goes to hell. You should be a friend to your child in these times not a dictator, you wouldn't forbid your best friend from seeing a man because you disliked him would you?!
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