17 Pieces of Advice πŸ’­ for Girls Struggling 😣 to Cope with Their Virginity πŸ˜‡ ...


You shouldn't be ashamed of saying you're a virgin. In fact, you should be proud of it! Here are a few tips for women who wish they weren't virgins:

1. You Aren't Missing out on Anything

You Aren't Missing out on Anything

Women don't hit their sexual prime until they're in their 30s. Young women usually don't orgasm when they date young men, which is why there's nothing wrong with waiting a few years to have sex for the first time.

Don’t Rush into Anything


I lost my virginity when I was 14 y/o. Now I'm 15, soon 16 and have a boyfriend (18y) that I have lots of sex with and orgasms. Sex is great and even though I was very young I was ready and even thoug...
Who told Masturbating not losing virginity.
Well I feel dumb and immature wow
Wait masturbating isn't losing your virginity
@Siba yes people know that some virgins choose to stay virgins but article was written in regards to women who feel uncomfortable being a virgin. Either way it is okay to be a virgin or not a virgin.
Even after marriage, lose your virginity when you want to. Not when your husband wants to. When your absolutely ready and want to, it's time
Why is this post suggesting that women are obsessed with losing their virginity? Did it ever occur to you that Virgins are Virgins because they want to be?
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