7 Tips on Dealing with Someone Trying to Steal Your Boyfriend ...


Have you ever had encountered a situation where someone is trying to steal your boyfriend? I know it sucks but there are ways to deal with this without getting all catty or crazy! Keep reading for a list of 7 useful tips on dealing with someone trying to steal your boyfriend and what you can do about it!

1. Don’t Point Fingers

The first tip on how to deal with a man-stealer is to avoid pointing fingers at anyone, especially not your man. This is assuming that you don’t have evidence showing that you have a reason to point fingers at people and that no wrongdoing has been done. If you’re still at the stage where you’re unsure of what’s going on, avoid confronting and blaming your guy. Doing this will only cause problems and drive him away.



Heather Jensen
Hi Emily! Does he flirt with her? Or is she constantly flirting with him? I bet he's faithful to you, it's just her that is flirting. :)
my boyfriend and i really like each other - but another girl who is very pretty and charming likes him too. how do i tell if he likes her, even if he says he doesn't?
Heather Jensen
Hi Chasteen! I'd definitely see if you can talk to him about your feelings and how it makes you feel when he talks to other girls.
Chasteen Demoss
I have had this problem..I am talking to this guy and he is consistenly around other gurls, not just regular friends...his ex's. I try not to be jealoous and not assume but when he ditches me for anot...
Katlynn Roden
HAHAHAHAHA (via Twitter)
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