7 Tips on How to Build Trust when You're in a Long-Distance Relationship ...


If you and your partner live a couple of hours or even two time zones apart from each other, you should learn how to build trust when you’re in a long distance relationship. . Long-distance relationships do create extra challenges and stressors and you might have to overcome quite a lot of difficult obstacles, but if you trust each other, you can cultivate a very happy and fulfilling relationship. Here are a few very useful tips on how to build trust when you’re in a long distance relationship.

1. Don’t Keep Secrets

One of the most important things you should do if you want to know how to build trust when you’re in a long distance relationship is to never keep secrets. They will only make you doubt each other. I’m not saying you should tell your partner right from the start your deepest and darkest secrets. Just make sure you don’t hide important information, since this could really damage your relationship.

Make Sure Your Words and Actions Match


Athenah Farrell
The visiting often is hard for me, there is an ocean separating us :p
Kit Kat
I'm in a long distance relationship. One thing that is normal in a relationship is to fight. And if there aren't any fights it might mean some one is hiding something from the other. My boyfriend and ...
Becky Valentine
My boyfriend is currently in Australia and me the UK so different time zones! Only short term but completely agree with the honesty and belief points
I have a long distance relationship, and we plan to get married next year. ♥
I think no.7 is specifically written for me
Great advice
I am in one right now and it is fabulous. We don't always get to talk or see each other as much as id like but it is so worth it ❤️
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