7 Tips on How to Deal with in-laws That Don't like You ...


Many of you are looking for tips on how to deal with in-laws that don’t like you because you have found yourself in this position.

It is definitely a difficult and hurtful position to be in.

It is hard to understand why there has to be such friction.

But if there is, you need to turn your focus to learning how to deal with in-laws that don’t like you so that it doesn’t disrupt your life and you can have peace again.

1. Make Peace with the Fact

One of the very first things to realize when you are figuring out how to deal with in-laws that don’t like you is that you can’t make them like you.

You can try to let them see you for the beautiful person that you are but they may still miss that.

They may dislike you no matter what you do.

If that is the situation you are facing, you need to accept that.

Make peace with the fact that you are dealing with someone who may never like you and that is okay;

it is their problem.

Realize It Doesn’t Matter


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My MIL is a really difficult person to understand . I just do not get her . But this doesn't stop my husband from leaving me , me and him are so happily married and crazy in love . No matter how hard I've tried to get along with her , I just up ! It's her problem if she doesn't like me . I really don't care anymore.
Jennifer Hanson Massie
These seem so simple to live by. But my husband still feels tugged in his parents direction. He was blind to how, no only his parents, but his brothers as well, treat me. I'm sure from their perspective they aren't. However, when his mother pulled me aside during the reception to tell me she finally feels at peace with us getting married, what am I supposed to do with that? I just don't know... we haven't even been married a year and I'm just so unhappy anytime his parents get mentioned, if we have to get together with his family and/or brothers.
Great advice. Me and husband are newly married and his mother & sister are already a problem for us. I see it like this, their both unhappy with their lives and marriages so they try to intrude into me and my husbands happy marriage. At any rate, I've accepted if they don't like me, who gives a flying flap. Me and my husband are our own family now.
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