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Learning how to emotionally detach yourself from an ex can be a major problem after a relationship ends.2

If the two of you were always hanging out together or frequently texting, its safe to say you were strongly emotionally attached to one another.

Although frequent communication is seen as a good thing in a relationship, it can be almost unbearable when he stops initiating texts or responding to messages once the relationship is over.

So ladies if you are struggling with this kind of issue, here are a few ways on how to emotionally detach yourself from an ex.

1. Grieve for the Loss

One way how to emotionally detach yourself from an ex is to accept the emotions that come with the breakup.

Just as your heart has to go through a grieving process when someone you love dies, it has to do the same when you lose a significant relationship.

It’s normal to cycle through stages like shock, denial, anger, depression and bargaining.

The bond you created with your ex took time to build so it will take time to cut those emotional ties as well.

Go No Contact


I love this quote we where always mad at each other because we weren't made for each other </3
I've known my ex for 11 years and dated on and off until I finally realized that we don't have a future together because he doesn't wanna grow up after all these years, but the hardest part is knowing that he's already with someone new and it hasn't been a month yet but I still don't want his ass back.. Love is blind af
Love this! My focus is now getting in the best shape!
Merarri Martinez
@Alexandria, It takes time to break a bond with an ex. Just be patient and don't be too hard on yourself when you miss him.
Merarri Martinez
@Fatima, Great tip!
Merarri Martinez
@Shannon, He might just be seeking a reaction from you!
Merarri Martinez
@Kelli kel-Maybe you should consider couples counseling. If you still truly love each other, consider working on the relationship with someone that can help you work out your relationship issues.
i have to remember these!!!
I would recommend going out and meeting new people. It helps a lot when you do, would make you realize he's not the last man on earth.. LOL
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