7 Tips on How to Stop Loving Someone Who Doesn't Love You Back ...


If you're heartbroken over the loss of a relationship, knowing a few tips on how to stop loving someone who doesn’t love you back can help you move on. One of the most painful times in life is when you are still deeply in love and the other person announces that he isn’t in love with you anymore. This brutal news may come as a complete shock or it may be something that you may have sensed long before he officially ended the relationship. The best thing you can do is respect their decision and look towards the future with these tips on how to stop loving someone who doesn’t love you back.

1. It Takes Time

At this point, your heart and your mind are at complete war with each other. Since you are still in love with him, your heart is going to replay all the happiest moments in the relationship trying to convince you that it can be that way again. On the other hand, your mind is trying to comprehend that his feelings have changed and there is nothing you can do. It takes time for your heart and mind to accept the reality and get in alignment with each other. One of the best tips on how to stop loving someone who doesn’t love you back is to give yourself time to heal.

Grieve the Loss of What Could Have Been


Bigmama Fagin
It's a lot harder when children are involved...but I've resolved to no idle chit chat. If it's not about our kids then there's nothing to talk about. You don't have to talk to me when the little one c...
@Elailoves Hello there! Please be strong and try to divert your mind doing things you like. Go out with your friends and surround yourself with positivity! I'll keep you in my prayers, hun. I truly be...
@Piriya Have the same situation with bemine :( I am just starting no contact. Tomorrow is the day 1. Hope I can do it!
@bemine Hello there! I'm truly sorry to hear what you're dealing with! But trust me, time heals everything hun! And please don't get me wrong, my mum used to tell me that what doesn't kill us only mak...
No contact day 45! It's hard but getting better! The pain is fading... 😌
Really needed this post!
No contact day 7 ( hope I can have more)😔
Isabella Coles
This used to happen with my guy friends - except they had feelings and i didn't! So glad that phase is over!
yes needed this post!!
No contact day 4
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