7 Tips on How to Tell if Your Boyfriend is Not Happy ...


If you are in a relationship, itโ€™s really important to learn how to tell if your boyfriend is not happy.

Often, unhappiness turns into anger and resentment and in the long term, it can really damage your relationship.

Just watch out for all those signs that indicate you that your partner is unhappy, so youโ€™ll be able to save your relationship and even increase the intimacy in it.

Because men do not excel at expressing themselves openly, try to look for signs of discontent, so youโ€™ll be able to work on those issues and solve them.

Here are a few helpful tips on how to tell if your boyfriend is not happy:

1. Talk to Him

The best tip I could give you on how to tell if your boyfriend is not happy is to tell you to simply talk to him and see whatโ€™s wrong.

You may even find out that the cause of his unhappiness has nothing to do with you and in this case, you should simply be there by his side supporting him.

He Stops Trying to Solve the Problems in the Relationship
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