7 Tips on How to Tell Your Crush You like Him when You Lack Confidence ...


I’m sure you’re all familiar with that situation when you fall really hard for someone and you might think that he likes you too, only that he’s too shy to admit it;

well, that’s why I thought you would like to know what’s the best thing to do in that specific situation, so I wanted to share with you a few ways to tell your crush you like him.

Of course, there is a huge variety of ways to tell your crush you like him;

you just need to find the one that best suits your needs and personality, and his.2

At first, this might seem a little hard to do, especially if you lack confidence, but you will see that with a bit of practice, you will find the strength you need to confess to him your true feelings.2

1. Make Sure You Really Have a Crush on Him

When it comes to ways to tell your crush you like him, first of all, before doing anything else, make sure that you really have a crush on him.

Make sure you really like him and he’s not just a fling that you’ll get over in a few days.

Because if you do decide to act and you tell him about your feelings, and it turns out that he likes you too, only to change your mind a few days later, you’ll only hurt him and break his heart.

So, make sure that your feelings are real before saying anything to the one you like.

Find out about His Interests


@Dita Thank you :-) I will tell him.
My best friend and I have been friends with benefits for almost a year now. He always asks me if I'd been with anyone else besides for him, and has told me he liked me twice. The last time he told me he liked me was two months ago when I wasn't sure how I felt. I can't get him out of my head now. I'm terrified to tell him because I'm unsure of where he stands at this point, and I don't want to lose an amazing friendship. Ps should I cut him off of benefits?
don't forget about women who crush on other women over here....
@Evina if you're actually never going to see him again and truly don't want anything from him in return, then tell him. Living with the 'what if' is never fun. Just make sure it doesn't any friendship you may have with him.
Do you think it's a good idea to let my friend with benefits know how i feel? The feelings have grown and I am sad he's leaving for his home country. I do not expect anything from him, though. I just want to tell him that I like him, especially since he's leaving and that I might not see him again.
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