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The workplace can be a breeding ground for flirtations and office romances, and with the likelihood of an office romance or two on the rise, who couldn't use tips on how to work with an ex?

With people spending more and more of their time at work, the notion that you should never date a coworker is becoming more and more unrealistic in a place where you spend the majority of your day.

When an office romance goes south, don’t go searching the want ads for a new job just yet.

Here are 7 tips for working with an ex...2

1. Have «the TALK»

One of the best tips for working with an ex is having the talk.

Before becoming official you and your significant other might both benefit by drawing up a post relationship prenup.

Having an honest conversation and establishing a few rules or guidelines that both of you would adhere to post breakup might work out better for you in the long run, because it ensures that neither one of you are forced into an awkward situation later on down the road, like, sitting next to each other at the next 3 hour meeting.

If you’ve already parted ways, a talk can still do you some good.

Take your ex to the side (away from prying eyes and gossip-hungry coworkers) and explain that while it may be difficult, your relationship is done and you would like to try to be cordial colleagues.

Establishing a positive and mature stance on what you would both do in the worse case scenario now, could allow you to avoid confrontation later, if and when you call it quits.

Keep It Professional


Heather Jensen
This is all so true Jeremy! Thanks for the great comment and for reading! It's great to hear a guy's point of view!
Jeremy O'Brian
It takes maturity on both parties to keep it professional after a breakup. But guys, be honest, sometimes when she walks by, you do check her out and wonder if you miss that a** or if you had enough of it when it was there. And why do you think that way- because u loved her physically as much as u suffered from her emotionally. hehe true, man.
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