7. Do You Trust Him?

It all comes down to this question: do you or do you not trust your boyfriend? Do you think he would hurt you when he knows you're so worried about getting cheated on? If you truly believe he would never do something so cruel to you, then that should be a reminder to relax.

It can be difficult to trust someone when you know that people are unpredictable, but you have to do it in a healthy relationship. Do you trust your partner, or do you worry about him cheating?


How to trust your boyfriend more?
What are the signs of verbal cheating?
Totally agree with what you are saying Jes.. Thts why I'm not allowing stupid rumours get to me... I'm considering my own happiness here and I must admit I am currently very happy :) thanks x
Danijela, its up to you what you want to do with your relationship. Sure you heard he's cheated in the past but dont mix that with the present. He could of evolved into someone that doesnt want to che...
Winnie, if you found proof that your boyfriend is cheating on you, its up to you to make a decision to work things out with him and gain his trust again but if you cant (because its not going to be easy) then you need to let him go
If I had found the evidence that my boyfriend cheating on me, do I still tell myself I can trust him!?
This is a lot easier said than done but these were helpful tips
It's hard to follow these rules when I've been told he's cheated a couple of times already :( Your probably wondering why I'm sticking around but I had no real proof it happened... What am I meant to do in that situation?
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