7 Tips to Attracting Mr. Right ...


Seem to be attracting frogs instead of princes all the time?

We've been there and we know how frustrating that can be.

In her post, Kyra tells you how to attract the right kind of men and more importantly keep them!

Thanks Kyra for making us believe.

We’re all looking for the «one», right?

Is it true that we all have one person that’s perfect for us, our soul mate?

I’d like to think so, but after lurking desperate exes and bad breakups it’s hard to look past all of the pain and believe.

But fret not, here are 7 tips you can use to attract your Mr.2


1. Personality Matters

Ladies, it's quite simple, guys want a girl they can laugh with.3

Happiness is contagious!

I mean no one wants to be with a nag (we get that enough from our parents already, right?) So always smile, laugh and be a hoot!

You may be the prettiest girl around but none of that matters if you dont have a good personality.

Also remember, be confident.

Guys love a woman who exudes confidence.2

Most importantly, always be yourself.

You want guys to love the real you, not some imposter that you’re trying to imitate.

Look in the mirror sweetheart, you’re beautiful!

Look after Yourself


Please, no women should ever follow these tips. Except the jealousy part. If he spends money on you he has enough for his own ball game. Wrapping him around your finger? That's a terrible goal, unless you like clingy guys.
omg thankyou thankyou 😊
Ann Elizabeth
LUV point 3 the last 2 sentences!!! Thank u so much
I'm all of the above and I don't got no bf :(
Heather Jensen
Great idea Lisa! I will add that to my list. :)
Lisa K
Okey... I read it. I have been a single for 8 years, and I couldn't see myself anything missing from the list. I want to see the "7 reasons why you keep attracting wrong men"
Heather Jensen
Hi Liz! I don't think that, that is necessarily true. I think that once in a while, an extravagant gift is okay -- it all depends on the situation and what the gift really is. :)
You can show a man you care by letting his friends come over and watch a game at your house and make popcorn for them but seriously don't spoil a man if you want him to respect you at all. You're showing love by being with him. Buying things will make a man stay for all the wrong reasons. If you're gonna buy your man things make it few and far between. It's natural to want to do nice things but it can be a slippery slope. Men are opportunists. If a girl will buy him and all his friends tickets to a sports game he'll stick around until you've given him everything your budget will allow and then it's in to the next one. I feel like when women but gifts for men they're trying to prove their worth unless its a birthday or an anniversary skip the fancy gifts. Being yourself is enough.
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